Approval Flows

Approval flows let you build sign-off stages for vehicle bookings, resulting in emailed alerts to authorising agents to allow a booking to go ahead. Approval flows ensure the appropriate people have visibility over the booking procedure.

18 ManageBookingApprovalFlow

Receiving approval flow emails

When a Booker attempts booking a vehicle with an approval flow, this triggers 2 notifications.

The Booker gets an on-screen pop-up:

19 approvalRequired

And an email is sent to a BookingApprover:

20 approvalRequiredEmail

Considerations and Conditions

  • At least one person in the same branch as the vehicle needs to be assigned the role BookingApprover.
  • To limit 'noise', only those with the BookingApprover role receive approval flow emails. The following associated roles will not receive these emails:
    • BranchAdmins
    • MultiBranchAdmins
    • MultiBranchBookers
    • OnBehalfBookers
    • OrganisationAdmins
  • If a BookingApprover books an approval flow-assigned vehicle, the booking is automatically approved.
  • An OrgAdmin may be assigned the BookingApprover role.
  • If there is No BookingApprover assigned in a vehicle's branch, bookings will skip all Approval Flows.
  • Each vehicle requiring an Approval Flow needs it assigned in the Vehicles page.
  • Bookings under an Approval Flow will lapse if no-one approves it by the intended start time.

To create an Approval Flow:

  1. Manage settings > Booking Approval flow > Add button. A side panel opens.
  2. Each Approval Flow needs:
    1. Name: Enter in the appropriate field.
    2. Conditions: Check the appropriate boxes if approval's required when a vehicle's activity or availability is:
      1. obliged to pay FBT.
      2. an inter-branch booking.
      3. a recurring booking.
      4. exceeds a maximum duration.
      5. booked on certain days. Slide the toggle to select the appropriate days.
      6. booked after hours. Slide the toggle to configure the appropriate time window.
  3. Update.

The new/edited Approval Flow appears in the list.

To assign an Approval Flow:

  1. Vehicles > find an appropriate vehicle > (...) Menu > Edit. A side-panel opens.
  2. In the Approval Flows field, select the appropriate Approval Flow.
  3. Update.

The vehicle has been assigned an Approval Flow.