Manage settings

Role(s): Tenant Admin and higher

This section allows for the customisation and overall preferences for the operation of BookIt.


Tenants are organisations using BookIt. Click the Edit pencil icon to change its details.

Most form fields have (info) tooltips to find out more about each field.

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While most fields are fairly self-explanatory, some deserve more attention.

Book vehicle sort order

This field affects certain reports and the way entry lists are ordered alphanumerically. Sort order affects the primary sort order, and if there are two or more entries that share the same field value, they'll then be ordered by the then sort by field.

  • Vehicle display name
  • License plate
  • Lowest utilisation (7 days)
  • Oldest
  • Newest
  • List electric vehicles first
  • Lowest odometer

Custom Booking fields

A maximum of four fields may be added for a Booker's entry. A field may be designated a Required field with the checkbox.

Labelled fields will appear in the Make booking page and subsequent reporting pages.