Manage bookings

BookIt fleet managers are able to monitor several aspects of their fleet and adjust upcoming bookings as-needed.

If a fleet manager does make changes to an existing booking, all parties involved are notified of the change by email.

Fleet managers are able to:

  • generate reports
  • assign geofence syncing
  • user and group management and verification
  • branch creation and management
  • set a user agreement
  • accessory maintenance
  • group and location management

How it all works

In addition to the necessary input admin (adding vehicles and users, modifying bookings, etc.) booking status is largely driven by geofences.

Geofences are virtually-designated areas on a map. Using GPS, BookIt detects if a vehicle is within, or outside of, these areas. Geofences are imported/synced from MyEROAD.

Manage Bookings

Bookings appear under Manage bookings in several categorical screens, but each screen uses identical features, navigation and filtering tools to the Booker screens.

  • All: All bookings in the system in any state of completion.
  • Active: Bookings made that have yet to be actioned.
  • Complete: Bookings completed for both one-off bookings, and the most recent occurrence of recurring bookings.
  • Cancelled: Bookings cancelled prior to becoming active.
  • Early Returned: Actie bookings that have been returned (or made accessible for further bookings) before the booked completion time.
  • Recurring: Only bookings marked as recurring are listed.
  • Upcoming: Future bookings.

Vehicles & Users

These two sections report vehicles or users, with the ability to add new entries or edit existing entries.

  • To add new Vehicles to the fleet: Vehicles > Add
  • To add new Users to your system: Users > Verified > Add
  • To access additional tools per entry, select its ... menu under the Actions column.

Vehicle Actions

  • Edit: Change a vehicle's description or attributes.
  • History: This presents an audit log of the changes made to the vehicle's details.
  • Geofence state
  • Delete

User Actions

  • Quick Verify: If new users apply for access, Quick verify adds 
  • Impersonate: 
  • Edit
  • History - changes by user
  • History - changes to user
  • Delete