Booking a vehicle

Booking a vehicle

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When searching for a vehicle to book, mandatory details are:

  • A pick-up date and time 
  • A drop-off date and time 
  • The branch handling your fleet. If there is only 1 branch, or you aren’t not a Multibranch Booker this will be greyed out and not selectable 
  • A destination. If you enter in a destination that hasn't already been entered, you'll be prompted to add it to the destinations list in future. Ensure you're not duplicating destinations with 'close spellings'.

To book a vehicle:

  1. Select Make booking. The Book a vehicle screen appears.

    02 Make booking

  2. Fill the displayed details out. 
    • You may also filter results by Seats required, Accessories and/or vehicle transmission type.
    • If you enter in a destination that hasn't already been entered, you'll be prompted to add it to the destinations list in future. Ensure you're not duplicating destinations with 'close spellings'.
  3. Search.
    • If your journey details closely match an existing booking (and the whole vehicle hasn't been booked)you will be prompted to save a seat in it. Select No thanks to find an unbooked vehicle.
    • A list of available vehicles is listed.
  4. Identify a vehicle you wish to book and click Select. The confirmation panel appears.

    03 Confirm booking

  5. Adjust the booking options as required:
    • Make recurring: Check this box to get access to the Set recurring plan options, where you can automate regularly occurring bookings.
    • Add passenger details: It's assumed the Booker will drive, but you may book the vehicle on behalf of another by selecting a different Booker name. Add registered passengers as required.
    • Book whole vehicle: This option removes the ability for others to share your vehicle.
    • Trip reason: Options provided here help track usage stats and may provide billing data.
    • Cost centre: This is populated by the cost centre detailed in your user account settings.
    • Auto-complete booking: When checked, the vehicle is freed up automatically for the next booking. If unchecked, the booked vehicle stays unavailable until the specified drop-off date and time.
    • Notes: A freeform text field for any purpose.
  6. Confirm.
  • A confirmation message will temporarily appear.
  • You will receive an email detailing the booking.
  • the booking will appear under My bookings.

You may book a vehicle for any date/time in the future, but due to fleet changes and maintenance, more than 2 months ahead may be unrealistic.

Show calendar

05 Calendar


Show calendar looks at the fleet and its booking schedules. This allows you to see your booking and if it overlaps others, as well as quickly consider different vehicle options for future bookings.

Activate Show calendar. The calendar appears.

By default, the calendar shows a 12-hour day. A vertical redline indicates the current time.

  • Expand hours: This button adjusts the calendar to show a full 24-hour day.
  • Hide hours: Returns the calendar to show a 12-hour day.
  • < > : These buttons moves your calendar back / forward a week
  • Today: If you've used < or > to move forward or back a week, this brings you back to the present week.

My bookings

04 My bookings

The screen lists the bookings you've made, or bookings where you're a passenger. My bookings comes with a range of sorting and filtering options.

In this screen, bookers and passengers can make amendments to already registered bookings.

To make an amendment:

  1. In the Actions column of a booking, click More (...).
  • Edit: Edit the booking. The Edit booking panel appears.
    Make the necessary changes.
    If the change alters the recurrence options, you'll OK the changes with Update single or Update all.
  • Cancel: Only available after a booking is live in current time.
  • Delete single: Only available with recurring bookings, you may delete just this instance.
  • Delete series: Delete the entire booking schedule.