Fleet status

11 Fleet status.png

Fleet status presents each vehicle's last known location operational status, as well as the booking's Booker, Driver and passengers.

EHUBO Driver will only be populated if the drivers logs into the EHUBO 2 in the vehicle. 


This column displays the vehicle's current status.

  • Idle: Not booked, nor in use.
  • Maintenance: Currently booked out by an Admin for servicing.
  • Cancelled: The vehicle was booked, but not picked-up, so BookIt auto-cancelled the booking based on the organisation's time-out preferences.
  • Awaiting pick-up: An active booking has begun and the vehicle is on-station, ready for pick-up.

    If your fleet bookings have recently migrated from a previous system, there may be a large number of Awaiting pick-up statuses on your report.

    This is likely due to vehicles not having their initial geofence conditions properly set. Once the vehicle leaves or re-enters a branch geofence, the vehicle status will self-correct.

  • Active booking: A booking is in progress and the vehicle has left the pick-up location

  • Late return: The completion time has passed, and the vehicle has not yet been received at the destination.
  • Taken no booking: The vehicle has been removed without an associated booking.


For larger fleets, filters become a fast way to reduce the 'noise'.

The Odometer filter treats distance values as a string of characters.

Filtering a number like '06' will match distances such as '15067.3 km' and '106 km', but not '6 km', '60 km', ' 6 km', or '0.6 km'.