Set up in MyEROAD

Once an Asset Tracker is mounted on its asset and turned on, you need to assign it to it's asset in MyEROAD. 


To assign an Asset Tracker to it's asset:

  1. In MyEROAD, go to new cogwheel11 Administration / Ehubos.
    Your EROAD hardware units, including Asset Trackers, are listed with their serial number and current status. 
  2. Find the Asset Tracker serial number that you wish to assign and click Assign to Vehicle.

  3. In the Assign to a Vehicle screen, select the asset the Asset Tracker is mounted on. Carefully check the installation location and last location to make sure you select the correct vehicle.

    NOTE: If the asset you wish to assign the Asset Tracker to to is not yet visible in MyEROAD, go to new cogwheel6 / Administration / Vehicles/Assets, click Add New Vehicle or Asset and add the vehicle or asset. Find details here.

  4. In Vehicle Plan, select Asset Tracker.

  5. Click Assign to selected vehicle.
    The Asset Tracker is now visible in Depot and can be monitored, find details here.


Find further information on how to assign and unassign EROAD hardware units to vehicles or assets here.