Logging in/Logging Off

Drivers can securely log in and identify themselves as the current driver of a vehicle.


How to log in

Ehubo2 may prompt the driver to log in, or they can log in manually.

1. Turn the vehicle on.

2. Tap the Ehubo screen to wake it.

3. Tap the 'Not logged in' driver icon.

ERD NZ Ehubo2SS LoginNZ home not logged

4. Tap your name, or use the UP / DOWN arrows on the right to find it, then tap it.

ERD NZ Ehubo2SS Login

5. Before entering your PIN, you may wish to tap "Remember me today". This stores your login/PIN for the day so you don't need to re-enter it. Enter your PIN.

ERD NZ Ehubo2SS Login Pin2

6. That's it! You're ready to drive.

0619 ERD NZ Ehubo2SS Login home logged in2

How to log out

Ehubo2 may prompt you to log out at the end of a trip, or you can log out manually:

1. If the screen is blank, tap the screen.

2. Tap your name at the top-left of the screen.

3. Tap LOG OUT.

0619 ERD NZ Ehubo2SS Login prompt log out2


NOTE: You will be automatically logged out after a period of engine inactivity, unless you have ticked Remember me today.

NOTE: After auto-logout, a PIN re-entry is not required if you log back in within 60 minutes.