The Ehubo records, stores and continuously transmits encrypted data via the cellular network. The Ehubo captures distance, location, route and a variety of additional operational data from the vehicle. EROAD’s Ehubo is specifically designed to be tamper-evident, operate at a wide range of temperatures and consume very little energy.

ehubo2 jpg


The Ehubo measures distance travelled with a high degree of accuracy, using a combination of internal and external sensors including the vehicle’s odometer pulse, GPS satellites and accelerometers.

The next generation Ehubo2 is fitted with a touch screen enabling the driver to enter data in real time and stay in touch with the office by exchanging short messages.

NOTE: For safety reasons, drivers can only enter data or read and type messages when the vehicle is parked. Please make sure drivers are familiar with local laws regarding the use of driver aids when operating a vehicle.