Fuel Entry

Drivers are able to record fuel dispensed into their vehicle in real time by using the Ehubo2’s touch screen. MyEROAD is automatically updated when a fuel transaction is entered by the driver, and the fuel transaction is assigned to the vehicle trip.

NOTE: For driver safety, fuel entry on the Ehubo2 can only be initiated when the vehicle is parked.

fuel entry2



Perform the following steps to enter a fuel transaction on the Ehubo2.

1. Tap Home on the Ehubo2 home screen after completion of fueling, while the vehicle is still parked.

2. Tap Fuel on the home screen.

3. Enter the total litres dispensed into your vehicle.

4. Tap Enter.

The fuel information is displayed on the Ehubo2 home screen and automatically sent to MyEROAD. 


Ehubo2 entered fuel data in MyEROAD

Fuel data entered on the Ehubo2 is matched to the vehicle’s fuel type and displayed in MyEROAD in Reports / Daily Activity Report and Reports / Fuel Transaction Management. Data is processed overnight and then is used when running fuel reports.