Why can't I see my asset in MyEROAD?

You might be unable to see your asset in MyEROAD due to one of the following reasons:

Scenario How to fix it
The Asset Tracker has not been turned on

Please check the Asset Tracker mounted to the asset and make sure it is turned on:

  1. Remove the connector cover from the side of the Asset Tracker.
  2. Put the switch into ON position.
  3. Replace the cover.
The Asset Tracker is not facing the sky or is blocked from the sky

Please check the mounting location of the Asset Tracker and make sure it has a good view of the sky. Mount the Asset Tracker to a different location on the asset if required.

Make sure the asset is not parked or stored undercover, for example in a storage shed.

The internal batteries are flat

To check the battery status of the asset's Asset Tracker in MyEROAD:

  1. In MyEROAD, go to the Activity screen.
  2. In the Vehcles tab, select the asset.
  3. Check the ASSET TRACKER battery status on the Details tab:
    Battery: GOOD - Still plenty of juice!
    Battery: REPLACE - The batteries are running out of juice, time for new batteries.

Find instructions on how to replace batteries here.

The Asset Tracker requires 1.5V litihum batteries (AAA) x 4 which usually provide 12 - 18 months of charge.


If none of the above applies and you still can't see your asset in Depot, please contact EROAD Curstomer Support.