Setting up Your Organization

You must have Unit Manager or Client Administrator permissions in Depot to setup ELD functions. This information is funneled through to your driver ELDs.

  1. Go to Settings3 > Administration, then My Organization.
  2. In the panel Organization Details, click Edit Details.
  3. Enter your company Name and contact details.
  4. Enter your USDOT number and WM account number. You may also need to check the Power of attorney filed with ODOT box.
  5. Select your Main Industry description.
  6. Select your default Hours of Service (HOS) cycle and work week start day.
  7. Tick any designated Third Parties with which you want to share data.
  8. Click Update Details.

 In the Home Terminal(s) section, add additional locations, as required.

In EROAD, ELD time zones for drivers are derived from organization Home Terminal time zones. Home Terminals are branches in your organization that are in separate locations. By default, EROAD includes all of your drivers into one Home Terminal based on your primary location. If your company has multiple locations, you must add Home Terminals and assign the correct time zone to these locations. 

For example, if your main base is in Los Angeles, and you have a branch in Chicago and New York, you must create separate Home Terminals for vehicles based in these locations. Then you can go into the DRIVER link and assign the correct Home Terminal to each driver.  See Home Terminals for additonal help.