Download resources

The following resources are available for download:


Ehubo2 Driver Guide version 1.5

Print version (select Print on both sides and Flip on short edge

Online version

How to use an Ehubo2 - handy guide for drivers with easy-to-follow instructions.

Drivers can keep a copy in their cab so that they can refer to it at any time.

Ehubo2 Installation Guide version 1.10


Instructions on how to install the Ehubo2 in your vehicle. 

Supplied as a hard copy with each Ehubo2, please contact EROAD if you require additional copies.

Ehubo2 Enforcement Guide version 1.0

Print version (select Print on both sides and Flip on short edge

Online version

Handy information for an enforcement officer at a CVIU inspection.

Asset Tracker Installation Instructions version 1.3

Print/online version

Instructions on how to install the Asset Tracker on your asset.

Supplied with each Asset Tracker.