Touchscreen and LEDs

Ehubo2 is mounted to the dash or windscreen of the vehicle. The driver facing LCD Touchscreen allows the driver to interact with the device. 

NOTE: For safety reasons, drivers can only enter data, or read and type messages when the vehicle is parked. Please make sure drivers are familiar with local laws regarding the use of driver aids when operating a vehicle.



On start-up, the Ehubo2 Home screen appears first. The driver can select a number of applications by simply touching easy-to-understand icons on the screen.  

Ehubo Gen2 Explained



LEDs are located at the top of Ehubo2:






Ehubo2 is fully functional, the driver can interact with the device when the vehicle is parked.



Ehubo2 has received a message for the driver from Depot. When the vehicle is parked, the driver can read the message on the Ehubo2.


Degraded mode

Ehubo2 is in DEGRADED mode, distance recording cannot be verified to be accurate. In this mode the Ehubo2 is Unauthorised. The Ehubo2 will continue to record distance using advanced internal sensor technology even whilst degraded. The distance recorded during this time may still be accurate although it is not possible for the Ehubo2 to verify that this is the case.


NOTE: If all LEDs are OFF, Ehubo2 is in a low power SLEEP mode, the driver can 'wake up' the Ehubo2 by tapping the black screen when parked. If screen remains black, Ehubo2 is in DEGRADED mode.


When the vehicle starts moving, the application Drive Buddy will turn on automatically supporting the driver with real-time feedback on their driving.

When the vehicle ignition is turned off, the Ehubo2 will enter SLEEP mode after 10 minutes, the screen will turn off. Tapping the black screen while the vehicle is parked will re-activate Ehubo2.