Sync Odometer

Operators can now enter the vehicle's odometer reading through the Ehubo2. The manual synchronisation updates the odometer reading in Depot and helps keep the Ehubo2 synchronised with the vehicle. This also impacts the RUC licence and servicing the vehicle.

Synchronising the Odometer

Operators may enter the current odometer reading of the vehicle through the Ehubo2 if this feature has been enabled through Depot's Managed Features.

1. Tap the Vehicle icon on the home screen.

manual sync


2. Tap the Sync Odometer button on the Vehicle screen.

manual sync 2


3. Enter the vehicle's odometer reading in the Odometer field.

4. Tap the Done button. The updated odometer reading is also updated in MyEROAD.

Odometer input2


AutoRUC Seamless Synchronisation

Seamless synchronisation is set up automatically for light vehicles with an Ehubo2 and AutoRUC enabled through Manage Features. A driver receives a prompt at engine ignition to update the odometer value after the light vehicle has driven 2,000 kms, which reduces the risk of being out of RUC.

1. Tap the OK button at the Odometer Sync prompt.

Odometer Sync Prompt on Ehubo2


2. Enter the vehicle's odometer reading in the Odometer field.

3. Tap the Done button. 

Odometer input2


4. Tap the Confirm button at the prompt. The driver sees the Odometer Sync screen every 2,000 kms from the last prompted synchronisation event.

Note: The driver can tap Change if the value was entered incorrectly. The reading on the Ehubo2 is updated after Depot receives the new reading.

Odometer confirmation screen


Purchasing of RUC Licence

Depot will purchase a new RUC licence if the new odometer reading is higher than the Max Dist Recorder value of the current RUC licence. This keeps your light vehicle compliant on New Zealand roads.


Significant Odometer Jumps

Limits are applied when operators manually enter odometer readings to prevent significantly large odometer jumps. Large odometer jumps can be entered through MyEROAD, if needed.

A driver is prompted to contact his/her supervisor if a value is entered, which is above or below 1,000 kms from the current odometer reading. This feature is designed to prevent drivers from accidentally increasing the odometer through an incorrect value that may cause multiple RUC licences to be purchased through AutoRUC.



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