Posted Speed


The Posted Speed feature is designed to help keep your drivers and business safe. It displays data about the current road speed limit and the location of the vehicle. This helps drivers to adhere to the speed limit and not to inadvertently speed. Knowledge of the current road improves productivity, making it easier and faster to locate job sites. 

A driver can see the current speed limit and location on the device. These features optimize job delivery and productivity benefits. Safe driving habits with less speeding leads to a known reduction in accidents, incidents, and near misses, thereby reducing your organisation's health and safety risk.


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Posted Speed Example


Key Features

  • Displays the speed limit and road name
  • Warns the driver when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit
  • Displays the maximum vehicle speed limit per vehicle type on state highways (such as, 90 km/h for heavy vehicles, 100 km/hr for light vehicles)
  • Displays no speed limit when there is no known speed limit, and warnings are generated against the country maximum speed limits (90 km/h for heavy vehicles, 100 km/h for light vehicles)

 Note: Temporary or variable speed limits are not displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click this link to download the FAQ file: Posted Speed FAQs v2