ETrack Wired

ETrack Wired is EROAD's next generation asset tracking device, specifically designed for civil construction companies and their subcontractors, which is intended for use in the performance of maintenance contracts. ETrack Wired conveniently tracks equipment activity and uploads it to the EROAD Depot application, which provides efficient location reporting for performance verification.

Customers no longer need to spend hours on manual reporting activities instead of focusing on their road network maintenance tasks, such as gritting, sweeping, snow clearance, road sweeping, road marking, diggers, and waste management. ETrack Wired provides full fleet coverage with its discreet, durable tracking device. ETrack Wired connects to the power system and provides accurate reporting of engine hours and location, so that you can maximise uptime, maintenance, and operator safety. 

Key Features

  • Easy contrast of assets or plants compared to your heavy or light fleets
  • Accurate servicing to maintenance schedules via reporting of engine hours
  • Small, watertight/dust resistant enclosure
  • Hard-wired global positioning system (GPS) device
  • Feeds into Proof of Service reporting
  • Two input/output (I/O) capacity

Asset tracker 2 top view web 


LED Status

LED service status is described in the following tables. Drivers can view LEDs occasionally to ensure proper operation. 
Note: LEDs may be difficult to locate unless illuminated.

LED 1 (Comm LED - Orange)

LED 1 - Status Description
Off Modem OFF
Slow blinking Comm ON - searching 
Fast blinking Network available
Alternates from solid to fast blinking every one second   Registered - no inbound acknowledgment 
Solid Registered - received inbound acknowledgment 







LED 2 (GPS - Green)

LED 2 - Status   Description
Slow blinking GPS ON - searching 
Fast blinking GPS time sync
Solid GPS fix








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