ETrack Wired FAQs

Review the following frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the new ETrack Wired device.


What type of equipment can use the ETrack Wired tracking device? 

ETrack Wired is available for powered equipment and it can be installed on assets with auxiliary equipment that includes diggers, excavators, rollers, mowers, tractors and other similar equipment.


How often does the ETrack Wired device report location information?

ETrack Wired has three operating states impacting location reporting:

  • Ignition off, no motion: ETrack Wired sends location updates twice a day when it is stationary
  • Ignition off, in motion (e.g., trailered or in tow): ETrack Wired sends location updates every five minutes until motion stops
  • Ignition on, in motion: ETrack Wired sends location updates every 30 seconds, with a turning event, or with an I/O event to provide high fidelity coverage of your assets’ movements.


How many pieces of auxiliary equipment can be connected to ETrack Wired for reporting on equipment activity?

The ETrack Wired device supports three digital inputs, one of which is reserved for ignition. So, there are two available inputs — auxiliary attachment, PTO, roll bar, seatbelt, etc.


Does the ETrack Wired device work on equipment that primarily works indoors or does it require line-of-sight to the sky?

ETrack Wired is designed for outdoor equipment, such as mowers, diggers, and ATVs. It relies on global positioning system (GPS) signals and cellular connection. It can perform indoors, but accuracy and precision is reduced with that type of use.


How do I set up my road registered equipment or assets in the Depot application?

Select the Settings > Administration > Vehicle/Asset menu option, and then select Registered Asset under classification. Enter the asset's registration number and look up the details from the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). You can still specify asset type for registered assets. See the Add New Vehicle or Asset help page for more information.


Where can I see cumulative engine hours on my equipment?

Cumulative engine hours can be accessed from the Fleet Summary Report or on the individual vehicle or asset page in the upper right corner of the screen. The Fleet Summary report can be used to view engine hours for your entire fleet. You can download the report as a CSV export, if needed.


How can I view my assets on the map?

Click the Type drop-down arrow on the Activity screen, and then select the asset(s) of interest. Ensure that All Groups or your designated groups are also selected. Assets are identified by a unique asset icon in the vehicle list.


How do I view assets on the reports?

Locate the Type filter on the desired report, and then select the asset or vehicle type.


What happens if my asset is stolen with the ETrack Wired device still installed?

The ETrack Wired device sends asset location information every five minutes while the asset is in motion, even when the power is cut to the device and ignition is not ON. ETrack Wired sends its location twice a day for up to six months on its back-up battery.

Note: Create geofence entry and exit alerts for locations where assets are kept, which will trigger an email notification if the equipment leaves the geofence.


Does the Etrack Wired report when vehicles and assets are idling?

EROAD’s idle reporting works based on idle events that are created by our tracking devices when a vehicle or asset has been stationary for more than 5 minutes with the ignition on. 

Like the Ehubo products, the ETrack product can generate idle events. However, when it comes to assets there are certain factors that can make idle reporting either inaccurate or meaningless.

Examples include assets that:

  • Are designed to be used while stationary
  • Move at very low speeds
  • Turn on the spot while operating
  • Do not have an engine on-board 

To reduce the likelihood of reporting false idling when one or more of the above factors apply, EROAD has excluded certain asset types from idle reporting when using the ETrack Wired product. This is summarised below:

greenTick2.png Supports idle reporting

Does not support idle






Concrete Mixing Bowl





Off Road Bike

Fork Lift

Farm Tractor


Off Road Truck/Vehicle

Off Road Trailer

Ride on Mower



Plant Equipment/Attachment

Shuttle buggy




Wheel Loader