Changing Trip Configuration on the Ehubo

Drivers can view and change their vehicle configuration in the vehicle using the Ehubo hardware. When a configuration is selected by the driver, the EROAD Depot web application will be updated in real-time and the correct tax rate will be assigned automatically to the vehicle trip.

Configuration changes on the Ehubo can only be made in real time (prior to starting a trip). To change the trip configuration retrospectively please use the Depot software (See Tax Reports/Change Trip Configuration or watch the training video "How to make a configuration change in Depot").


To change configuration on the Ehubo: 

  1. Prior to starting a trip, and while the vehicle is stopped for at least 5 seconds, tap the Ehubo screen.
    The screen will turn on.
  2. Tap on the 'Config' button on your Ehubo screen. Config button
    The screen will display the Weight-Mileage configurations currently available for this vehicle. If there are multiple screens of configurations, use the < and > buttons to move between screens.
  3. Tap on one of the Weight-Mileage configurations to select it. 
    The configuration will be highlighted green when successfully selected.
  4. Tap 'Save'.
    The configuration set for your vehicle will display on the Ehubo and will be automatically sent to the EROAD Depot.

Ehubo only on transparent config3Ehubo only on transparent config4
Ehubo only on transparent display config2