Video Incident Management






Roles: Dashcam Safety Manager and above

The features referenced are not available to those dashcams assigned to the Clarity Locate service plan.

While able to provide limited advice on incident management, EROAD cannot define each company's individual method.

However, Replay does provide a number of tools that can form a reliable first response toolset.

You may:

  • Change Driver coaching status: the default status is To review. Click To review to select a different status.
  • Mark as incident: An 'incident' is an event that requires special attention. This could be a permanent or temporary mark.
  • Delete: Deleting an event removes all record of this event – video, speed graph, event data, file attachments – from your records. ONCE DELETED, THE EVENT WILL NOT BE RECOVERABLE.
  • Mark as Restricted: For sensitive, upsetting or embargoed material (see below).
  • Driver amendment: If the driver is incorrectly noted, click the Driver pencil button to change the driver for this event. This amendment is logged and becomes part of the record under Driver history.
  • Add Note: This opens a text field for reviewers to add additional event notes.
  • Add document: This lets you upload and attach images, PDFs or additional files for this event.

While deleting events reduces complexity and storage concerns, deleting files will not decrease data charges.

A basic incident review process

  1. When a clip is brought into the Replay clips screen, the default status of a clip is To review.
    1. If you have already seen this clip, you can change this status under the ... menu without having to enter each clip.
  2. Select a clip. This opens the clip view, with videos and various details.
  3. Play the clip. Using the metrics provided, the aim is to arrive at an action or process.
    1. Action: these are simply resolved statuses including To reviewReviewedTo be coached, and Rewarded. These actions are easily and internally resolved with minimal impact.
    2. Process: Marking an event as an Incident generally has more serious repercussions. The degree of seriousness is up to the company, but incidences require more exploration, interviews and additional evidence before the company can arrive at a satisfactory resolution.
      You may wish to mark an event as both an incident, and an action. You might choose to mark a Harsh Braking event as an Incident, but because this event saved the life of another driver or pedestrian, so you might choose a Rewarded action as a point of record.
      You may wish to reserve Incident as an event that violates either company rules or legal requirements. The use of these labels is entirely up to you.
  4. You may wish to add notes to the event to clarify circumstances or link to other resources.
  5. You may wish to add PDFs or images that help document the circumstances of the event, or create a 'paper trail' repository of attached documents.
  6. It's not recommended that you delete events once you've finished with them. Deletion is best used to remove 'false positive' events from your clips, to keep your events manageable.

Restricted Content

Due to the nature of operation, it's likely your dashcam will eventually record extremely upsetting or sensitive video related to an incident. For various reasons, the company may wish to restrict access to reviewers or third party agents trained or certified to deal with these sorts of events.

Replay's restricted access feature:

  • Warns those with Dashcam Fleet Manager or Dashcam Safety Manager roles that a particular video may contain upsetting or sensitive video.
  • Restricts access. In Replay Clips, the thumbnail is obscured. Those with the Dashcam Fleet Manager role may still access a restricted events's details, but several elements of the event are not viewable until that restriction is lifted.

Users with either the Dashcam Fleet Manager or Dashcam Safety Manager role may restrict content. Only the Dashcam Fleet Manager may view restricted content, and unrestrict content from the Event view.

To restrict content:

  1. In the Event review section:
    1. Toggle the Restrict Content switch on, OR;
    2. Status > Change > check Restricted, OR;
    3. In the Replay Clips screen, click the ... and check Restricted

Once active, the Restricted status takes a number of actions: 

  • Immediately blocks the video from view, along with sensitive data in the Clip view.
  • Obscures the thumbnail in the Replay Clips list, and marks the video as Restricted.
  • Logs the Restricted action in the User Activity Log.
  • This Restricted state is persistent. Those with the Dashcam Safety Manager role will not be able to review restricted content. Dashcam Fleet Managers will continue to receive a clip's Restricted warning in the Replay Clips view, but will be able to click through to view.

To unrestrict content (Dashcam Fleet Manager Only):

  1. In the Event review section:
    1. Toggle the Restrict Content switch off, OR;
    2. Status > Change > uncheck Restricted. A cautionary pop-up will ask if you're sure you wish to unrestrict this content.
  2.  Click Yes to unrestrict this clip.