Replay events

Roles: Dashcam Fleet Manager; Dashcam Safety Manager

Note: Dashcams under the EROAD Clarity Locate service plan do not have access to this set of tools.


The Replay event view interface allows the playback of a selected video clip, view common vehicle/ driver/ event data, and contains a first-pass incident management toolset.

If the video area displays a "Video not available" message, the likely causes are:

  • This is not a video-enabled dashcam.
  • The event is recent. The event has been logged, but the Dashcam hasn't finished the upload.
  • The event is stalled. The event has been logged, but the vehicle has been turned off or is out of cellular coverage. Once the vehicle is on and within coverage, the upload will continue.

Main view: Video

The left of the screen shows video selection and playback options, as well as the Speed graph.


Depending on company-level options, you may view Front, Driver or both (Dual) video captures.

The (...) menu collates quick actions for incident processing and filtering, and clip management.

  • Incident: This status is persistent with a toggle switch, and may be added in addition to the Restricted status and one of the Action statuses:
    • Reviewed / To be coached / Coached
  • Download: This shows a pop-up menu allowing you to select which video streams you may download to an MP4 file: Dual, Front and/or Driver.
    • The Driver and Front options download 1920 x 1080 pixel files to your computer.
      The Driver and Front options download 1920 x 1080 pixel files to your computer.
      The "Dual" option merges both the Front and Driver views into a single 1280 x 360 pixel, side-by-side MP4 video file. It does NOT download both Front and Driver camera files as independent MP4 video files (if that's what's desired, please select each camera type).
      The Dual option is best used for archiving purposes.
  • Delete: Removes the clip permanently from your account.
  • Restrict content: This status is persistent with a toggle switch, and may be added in addition to the Incident status and one of the Action statuses. In addition, this clip may only be viewed and/or unrestricted for view by a Dashcam Fleet Manager.


The Speed graph area assists in determining situation, speed, location, time and acceleration of the vehicle during the event.

To see the vehicle's speed at any moment, move the video playback scrubber left or right.

speed move02

Event Details

The right side of the Event view displays basic reference data for first-pass incident management. You may also view these links:

  • View events log: This takes you to the Event Viewer for vehicle tracking.
  • View service: This takes you to the vehicle's service schedule.
  • View Logbook: If subscribed, this takes you to EROAD's fatigue management toolset.
  • Driver: By default, the driver information is system-assigned. But this pre-populated entry might not be correct. Users are able to correct the driver entry to accurately reflect the event.
    • Click the driver's name. A drop-down menu appears, as well as two tick/cross entry acknowledgement buttons.
    • Select/Enter the name of the correct driver.
    • Click the tick icon to confirm the change.
      The change will be reflected in the View driver history log.
  • View Logbook (NZL): You will be re-directed to the Driver's Logbook entries.
  • View driver history: This changelog displays any changes made to the Driver for this event, who edited the change, and a date/time stamp.

Event review

This panel assists in containing notes and additional information you wish to add to this Clip's record.



Tags allow you to associate specific observations or events to the clip and are a handy way to collate events.

Tags are manually assigned by reviewers, and may be selected or deselected at any time. All tag changes are logged in the User Activity Logs and is also available in the Replay events export.

Tags are intended as a coaching aid. Due to the nature of video, the limited field of view and the limited selection of possible listings, detected observations should not be taken as verified evidence, but as talking points safety managers may consider for future training.

Driver Coaching, Restricted Content and Incident

These features duplicate the Main view: Video features above.

Notes and Documents

You may add ad hoc Notes to this Event, or supplement the Event with Documents, in the form of PDFs, images or common MS Office-format documents.

Notes and Documents are intended as 'first draft' containers for incident management. They do not replace the need for an incident management report system.