Geofinding video from the Activity screen

Roles: Dashcam Fleet Manager; Dashcam Safety Manager

These features do not apply to those dashcams under the Clarity Locate service plan.

Dashcam Device Managers will have access to the Activity page, but will not be able to request video.

You may retrieve videos recorded by a dashcam in a geographic area. This is very useful if reported times are vague, but the location is known.

To use this tool effectively, use a vehicle's History tab to isolate a logged trip in the targeted area, then select a trip point that contains video from that area.

To retrieve video from a location:

  1. Activity screen
  2. Select a vehicle that had a trip in an area of interest. The Vehicle details tab will appear
  3. Select the History tab. The vehicle's trips will be listed by date and time, with ignition on/off delimited trips listed below.
  4. Select a trip. The vehicle's trip will appear on the map in blue. Step through its trips to find one that passes through the location.
  5. Select an event location. Each blue trip has several blue arrows (example indicated with a red circle), each of which is an event location. Selecting an arrow prompts a tooltip giving basic details, including a Request video link.
    geofind recPoint02
  6. Click Request video. A dialog box pops up.
    geofind reqVid02
  7. Check the details and click Request video. The pre-populated details are editable, to refine your request.

    The timestamp is pre-populated with the time of the GPS event location, but you can still refine this time to capture events that might lie outside of this time.

    For example: A GPS event location might be positioned well away from where an event allegedly occurred. If this occurred on the open road, 3 seconds travel is the equivalent of the length of a football field. So:

    1. Select an Event arrow BEFORE the event.
    2. Click request video. The Request video box pops up.
    3. Click the Time field.
    4. Adjust the seconds to more precisely position your start point for a requested video.

Retrieving requested video

When the targeted vehicle is both operating and in cell coverage, the requested video will come into the Replay screen tagged as a Requested video.

geofind reqVid03