Dashcam Health

Dashcam Health

Roles: Dashcam Fleet Manager; Dashcam Device Manager

On the main Dashcams page, click any row to get a detailed view of a dashcam’s health status.

NoteSome details are unavailable for certain products.

Dashcam Health02

The Last Snapshot images allow you to verify that the dashcam is operational and has the appropriate visibility.

If the Dashcam Info panel shows the health status and if there is any fault, it will be listed in the fault descriptions under the Last Snapshot.

The Driver log on record shows the dashcam's last reported location at the top of the list.

Dashcam statistics


Trigger stats are presented monthly. The month can be changed using the <> buttons at the top of the interface.

These statistics help assess the video load a vehicle may be presenting. Different company contexts might mean these numbers need to be interpreted correctly: a vehicle may trigger a high number of harsh events, but if the vehicle is constantly driving over potholes and bumps as part of the natural operation of work, high numbers are perfectly reasonable. High numbers of manual triggering might be due to a driver's tendency to over-report, or it could be used to cover in-cab conditions or because of a request to survey yard loading conditions.