Configuring an EROAD Dashcam

Installation Guide

This guide covers installing the in-cab hardware.

EROAD Clarity Dashcam installation guide (PDF)


Roles: Dashcam Fleet Manager; Dashcam Device Manager

Enabling Clarity Solo Driver Log on

To enable an INDIVIDUAL driver to use Clarity Solo log on:

  1. Provide the driver with an EROAD Near Field Communication (NFC) tag or fob, and note the fob's serial number.
  2. MyEROAD > Driver
  3. Search for/ Select the Driver. The Driver's side panel opens
  4. Scroll to the Login section and toggle on Clarity Solo Log on
  5. Enter the Driver's fob serial number.
  6. Click ADD ID

This ID will be added to the Driver's list of Log on credentials.

Administration > Dashcams

If your installer has entered your email address in the Install Wizard at the time of installation, you should have an email with the details of the vehicle in which the dashcam was installed. Alternatively, you should have received a paper copy of the installation form from your installer.

  1. Enter the dashcam's serial number in the Search serial field. The targeted vehicle will be shortlisted.

  2. Select that vehicle's "..." menu > Assign. A pop-up dialog will appear.

  3. Enter the vehicle's registration/license plate. Select the correct shortlisted vehicle.

  4. Click Assign.

The dashcam has been assigned to the vehicle.


Audio Recording

Roles: Client Administrator.

The ability to record audio is currently set at the company level rather than at an individual dashcam level, and requires Client Administrator level permissions.

To enable audio recording:

  1. Administration > My Organization

  2. Under Camera Settings, click Edit
  3. Check Enable audio recording. A pop-up will appear.
  4. If you understand and accept the consequences of this feature, click Yes, Record Audio.