API Key Setup

As a Client Administratior, you can set up a unique API Key:

1. In MyEROAD, go to Settings & Administration  / Administration / My Organisation and click Add in Partner Gateways.

partner gateway 2

2. Complete the Partner Gateway setup screen:

partner gateway 3


Name: Enter a reference name for the API.

Group/Tab (max 10 characters): This is required for the Partner Gateway and will appear as the name of the tab on the Activity screen. This is used for both, Partner Gateway and API. API Keys are used for data coming in and out of EROAD.

Link: Enter a URL that will be displayed as a hyperlink to the web address specified (optional)

Enabled: Enable or disable receiving data via the Partner Gateway. Disable (checkbox off) deactivates the Partner Gateway, it does not delete it. This does not affect data going out of EROAD.


3. Click Save to finish the set up. MyEROAD will generate a unique API Key as an alphanumeric string and display it in the My Organisation screen.