How do I use the EROAD API?

We have used the open framework swagger.io to document our specification and we’ve found the swagger editor tool really powerful to view the API.
Refer to Specification for more details.


How do I call the API?

Clients can call the REST API directly or EROAD can also provide an API client which can be used for integration purposes. Please contact EROAD with regards to the API client.


What authentication is used for the EROAD API?

An API Key is needed to call the EROAD API. The API Key should be mentioned in the header of the request. See API Key setup page.


What type of data is available in the EROAD API?

Find use cases here


Is the EROAD API accessible to all customers?

The API and Partner Gateway are available for customers on the premium plan. Please speak to an EROAD representative if you want access.


What is swagger.io?

Swagger is an open API initiative and it’s one framework for describing our API using a common language that everyone can understand. There are other frameworks such as RAML, APIBlueprint and Summation. The Swagger editor is an easy to use tool to read the EROAD API JSON. You can use it to test the operations and get the full descriptions of the parameters and a generated example.


What if I am stuck and need help with the API?

If you find any issues with the REST API, please email support@eroad.com. Our dedicated support team are ready to assist you.