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Getting Started

Browser Support Policy

The EROAD web browser-based platform may encounter problems in displaying or formating information on older, unsupported web browsers.

Our fully-supported browsers include: 

  • Samsung Internet - Last two versions
  • Safari Desktop/iOS - Last two versions
  • Chrome Desktop/iOS/Android - Last two versions
  • Firefox Desktop/iOS/Android - Last two versions
  • Edge - Last two versions

Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

Mobile Device Support Policy

  • iOS - Last two versions
  • Android - Last two "official" versions


  1. Throughout the application you will see help icons Help that enable you direct access to context sensitive help.
  2. You can take a look below at a list of what other icons mean.
  3. Understand how paging works in long lists.
  4. You will have different capabilities inside the Depot depending on what roles and permissions you have and depending on what fleets you have access to.
  5. Once you've had a look around the site have a look at the Tips and Tricks page to get a few more skills.
  6. Visit the Intercom Help Centre for additional information.

What do the icons mean?

AdminAdministration Menu
  Clicking this icon opens the Settings and Administration Menu e.g.:
  • Administration functions like manage vehicles
  • Make current page the default page after logging in
  • Change to a mobile version of the site
  • Log out
  Clicking this icon opens the Tools Menu for that page or report e.g.:
  • Exporting a report
  • Scheduling a report
  • Help for that report
Refresh Refresh Clicking this icon updates the screen with the most recent activity for the vehicle(s).
Ignition Off Ignition Off Activity Vehicle List: Last known state of the ignition for the vehicle was Off.
Activity Lists/Map: Ignition was turned Off.
Off and Stationary Vehicle Stopped Vehicle ignition is off and the vehicle is stationary.
Ignition On Ignition On Activity Vehicle List: Last known state of the ignition for the vehicle was On.
Activity Lists/Map: Ignition was turned On.
Driver Icon Driver Icon (and logged in) Used to show when a driver logged in and to indicate other driver related information throughout Depot.

Driver Logout Icon Driver Logout Driver has logged out.

No Seatbelt Icon No Seatbelt Vehicle is driving without seatbelt connected.

Vehicle Heading Vehicle Heading Vehicle ignition is on and is heading in the direction of the arrow.
On and Stationary Vehicle Stopped Vehicle ignition is on but the vehicle is stationary.
Trailer is Connected Trailer Connected The Trailer is connected to a Truck.
Trailer is Disconnected Trailer Disconnected The Trailer is not connected to a Truck.
Trailer in Piggyback Mode Trailer being Piggybacked The Trailer has been lifted and put on the back of a Truck or another Trailer.
Trailer is Stationary Trailer Position Trailer stationary at this location.
Fault Fault (Issue with Ehubo) Activity Vehicle List and Detail Panel: Vehicle is in Fault - this should be resolved ASAP.

Activity Lists/Map: Fault occurred
Information Information An activity of interest e.g. External Power Removed or Applied to the Ehubo.
PDF PDF Export If a report can be viewed and printed as a PDF then this button will appear. Click to export.
PDF CSV Export If a report can be exported in a CSV (Excel Compatible) format then this button will appear. Click to export.
Print Print Clicking this icon will send the report to the printer.
View View Clicking this icon will display the off-road travel (Verify Off-Road Travel screen) in detail or open the Geofence Activity for that Geofence.
Edit Edit Edit the name of the fleet by clicking this icon.
Remove Remove Removes the row, vehicle etc from a list.
Ehubo Reading Ehubo Reading: Shows the current Distance Reading for an Ehubo.
Odometer Reading Odometer Reading: Shows the current (Updateable) "Virtual Odometer Reading".
Mechanical Hubodometer Mechanical Hubodometer Shows the vehicle is using a Mechanical hubodometer for RUC purposes.
Engine Hours Engine Hours: Shows the current Engine Hours accumulated by an EROAD Product (can be updated).
  Check Box (checked and unchecked) Allows you to select one of more rows or vehicles.