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Session Management

For security reasons, MyEROAD logs you out after 2 hours of inactivity (or 8 hours for Basic and Super Basic Users).

To keep the Activity screen open for much longer (most of the day), setup up a Basic User login. A basic user has restricted access to the basic activity screens only. Access to many functions in the system is not available for this user account for security reasons.


The EROAD products use the mobile phone cellular network to communicate their information to MyEROAD. If vehicles go out of coverage, the EROAD products store information to be transmitted when the vehicles come back into a coverage area.

Map Screens

On map screens, you can double-click on items in the lists to automatically zoom the map into that point.

For example:

  • If you double-click on a vehicle in the Activity screen, the map will zoom all the way into where the vehicle is located.
  • On the Daily Activity screen, you can double click on an Ignition On event and the map will zoom in to where the ignition was turned on.

To see locations in the maps, click on the location markers.

Filtering and Sorting Lists


Filters (e.g. Fleet Filter) appear on most tables to display a subset of its items, to reduce irrelevant information. Only items containing your filtered criteria will be listed.

Note: In most cases, selecting ALL items in a filter is exactly the same as selecting NONE: all items


Lists can be ordered in alphanumerically ascending or descending order, by clicking on a column heading. Click it again to reverse the order.