1. Remove the EROAD Where Bluetooth Tag’s magnetic lock.
  2. Open the EROAD Where app, select Assets and tap the blue "+" dot.
  3. Enter an Asset ID.
  4. Select an Asset Type (type a word; tap the magnifying glass, select a type).
  5. Tap the QR code button next to the EROAD Tag ID field (the Where app will need access to your camera).
  6. Scan the QR Code.
  7. Tap Save.

Safety & Best Practice

Ensure you have assessed and reduced the health and safety risk to the person fitting this unit.

Avoid fitting this unit in a location that:

  • could impede or injure people;
  • could impede controls or the normal operations of the equipment;
  • is likely to sustain damage;
  • is likely to suffer impact or high shock;
  • is likely to be crushed;
  • is likely to become detached; and
  • can present a risk to the person fitting it.

Do not subject this unit to extreme heat, water force or intense forces.

Always assess what the unit is being secured to for health and safety risks, and secured with the supplied fixture options.

NOTE: The EROAD Where Tags are not rated for EX 1 or 2 environments.


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