Activating Logbook

0420 ERD DayLogbook mockup android phone drive greenEROAD Day Logbook is one of a series of new mobile apps from EROAD, aimed at making fatigue management and safety enforcement robust and easy to use.

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Activating EROAD Day Logbook (Video)

EROAD Day Logbook User Guide

All professional drivers are required by law to provide an account of their time on duty. driving, and their rest time. EROAD Day logbook:

  • focuses on NZTA compliance around work-time rules, safety enforcement and fatigue management
  • scales from small customer bases to large national fleets
  • brings a consistent, intuitive user experience that encourages widespread, constant use
  • plans to on-board over 2600 users within 12 months (migrating most of our existing Logbook 1.0 customers)
  • reduces the administrative burden for both our customers and the NZTA in recording and monitoring driver performance.
  • integrates with EROAD's cloud-based platform, Depot, giving drivers a seamless link to our modern Inspection service (Inspect)

Activating Logbook

If you're new to EROAD, you will need to add drivers to your fleet before enabling them with EROAD Day Logbook.

 Driver Management: Overview

When activated, logs are fed directly to Depot, where fleet managers are able to assess compliance and fatigue performance of their drivers.

To activate Logbook for a single driver:


  1. Driver > Select the driver. The Driver's details pane will slide out.
  2. Under Username, enter a unique username specific to this driver.
  3. Under Driver PIN, enter a 4-digit Personal Identification Number for this driver.
  4. Slide the EROAD Day Logbook switch right.
  5. Click Update.

To activate Logbook for several drivers:


  1. Driver > ... Menu.
  2. Select Export Drivers in Excel. This creates an Excel spreadsheet file of your drivers. The file is usually downloaded to your Downloads folder. In most web browsers, a quick-link to the file is indicated at the bottom of the window.

  3. Open the Excel spreadsheet. You may also need to enable the file for editing.
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  4. In the column eroadDayLogbookUser, enter Y in the rows of the Drivers to be Logbook-enabled.
  5. In the column username, enter a unique username, specific to each driver.
  6. In the column pin, enter a 4-digit Personal Identification Number for each driver.
  7. Save.
  8. Back in MyEROAD, Driver Menu > ... Menu.
  9. Select Bulk Import Drivers.
  10. Click in the entry line and select the drivers.xlsx file.

The designated drivers are now able to use Logbook.

Downloading Logbook

EROAD Day Logbook is available from Apple's App Store, or Google Play, as a free download.