EROAD Day Logbook in MyEROAD

Under the Logbook Menu, fleet managers may:

  • Filter logs by date, driver, fleet/group or violation type
  • export a driver's work period to a spreadsheet format
  • add comments to violations

Violations View

The Violations table only presents fatigue violations (Insufficient RestRest Overdue and Overwork) and the drivers presenting them.


To comment on a violation:

  1. Select a driver. The details pane will slide out.
  2. Under the Comments column, click Add comment or Edit, next to the appropriate comment.
  3. Write the comment.
  4. Save.

Supervisor comments in Depot will only appear in Depot. Supervisor comments will not appear in the driver's logs on their mobile app.

Records View

edl records

Records are all logs submitted by drivers through Logbook. in addition to filtering and sorting, fleet managers are able to export work period reports to PDF. These exports follow the same format as the Enforcement copy feature on the Logbook app.


Insights breaks down EROAD Day Logbook's two main violation stats – Insufficient Rest and Overwork – into graphs over time, under filtered options.

Functionally, operation of the Insights tool is in two parts: select your filter configuration, then click within graphs to focus on specific data points.

We've made operation as simple as possible. the three main aspects of Insights are:

  1. Dates a relative to the current day. Rather than select a date range, you select a recent period - a day, week, month, year.
  2. The graphs are interactive and focus-filtered. Hoving over a graph element shows annotations and numbers. Clicking on a graph element updates other graphs to represent datapoints related to what you've clicked. Clicking the graph again resets the graphs back to the general, filtered dataset.
  3. You may export a PDF page of the graphs reflecting the view you've configured.