EROAD Day Logbook User Guide

EROAD Day Logbook allows you to capture, view and annotate logbook records simply and easily.

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Driver checklist

  • Ensure that your allocated mobile device has an allocated SIM card with an associated data plan.
  • Ensure that your mobile device is functioning with an active Internet connection. To take advantage of automated location entry, turn Location Services on.
  • The best time to transition from a paper logbook (or a different logging system) to EROAD Day Logbook is at the beginning of a new Work Period.
  • Carry a plain notebook with you as a backup in case the device malfunctions.


  • Carry EROAD Day Logbook with you at all times.
  • Secure your mobile device in the vehicle and connect it to a continuous power source when possible.
  • For your safety, do not use EROAD Day Logbook while driving.
  • To ensure data privacy, log out of EROAD Day Logbook when you have finished your workday.
  • In case of a mobile device malfunction such as battery loss, breakage, EROAD Day Logbook faults, or loss of network coverage for more than 24 hours, contact your company immediately and enter your work and rest information into a plain notebook for record-keeping and audit purposes. Once the malfunction is resolved and the system is functioning, transfer the notebook entries to EROAD Day Logbook.


WARNING: EROAD Day Logbook is not compatible with iOS devices using Dark Mode.

Logging In

Logbook Login01

  1. You’ll get your login and PIN number from your fleet manager. Tapping in the Username field will call up the keyboard. Enter your login/PIN and tap LOGIN.
  2. The Drive Diary screen lists the current time, date and GPS location for your convenience. You may change these values if necessary.

    Time and Date fields are filled-in based on login time. You can manually change these times from the time of your last recorded duty period to the current time.

    The location is filled-in according to your GPS location at the time of entry. Tap in this field to change it. To re-fill it in with the current location, Tap , then back to .

  3. Tap the comment field to add notes about your daily activities.
  4. Tap SIGN ON DUTY.

Logging Time

IMG 1341


Your current time state is indicated in the top screen section. REST times count up. ON DUTY and DRIVE times count down from the legal limits.

  1. To change states, tap ON DUTYDRIVE, or REST.
  2. To review or edit your current period, tap REVIEW DAY.
  3. To sign out of EROAD Day Logbook, tap OFF DUTY, confirm or edit the details on the next screen, and SAVE.

Logging a Work Day

You start a day either in an ON DUTY or DRIVE state, so tap one of those buttons.

On Duty

Tapping ON DUTY lets you enter your time and location. The clock counts down from your maximum ON DUTY time to zero.


Tapping DRIVE lets you enter your vehicle rego and odometer.


Tap REST to take a break of longer than 30 minutes (not in a moving vehicle).

Choosing/Adding a Vehicle


  1. Add a Rego.
  2. Select it.
  3. Enter the Odo.
  4. Tap SAVE. You’ll re-enter the Home screen. The clock will count down from your current or maximum allotted drive time to zero.

On or before your DRIVE or ON DUTY timer reaches zero, you must take a mandatory break, or you’ll be marked in violation.

If your vehicle is part of an EROAD Depot fleet, your odo will be automatically entered.

Recording Rest Time


  1. Tap REST. The Drive Diary screen opens.
  2. If resting from ON DUTY, just check your details and SAVE.
  3. If resting from DRIVE, you may need to enter a new odo distance.
  4. Make any changes or notes you think are necessary.

Any REST time less than 30 minutes will be treated as ON DUTY time.


Logbook notifications01

EROAD Day Logbook allows you to set several audible notifications when you get close to violation times.

  1. At the bottom of the screen, tap  .
  2. Tap Set Reminders.
  3. Tap the switches to set your alert intervals (green is on).

Signing Off

Sign off at the end of each shift (or 'day'). This resets counters to enable you to work another day.

  1. Tap OFF DUTY. The Drive Diary screen opens.
  2. Make any changes or notes you think are necessary.
  3. Tap SIGN OFF. Under the Goodbye message you’ll see the earliest time you may go on duty again.

Managing logs

IMG 1350

At the bottom of the app, tap Logbook Interface calendar. The Review time screen appears, with several options:

  • Change the date range by clicking in either of the date fields.
  • Tap REVIEW TODAY for the current log.
  • Tap any of the listed log ranges to drill down into daily logs.
  • To edit a logged state, tap pencil.png next to the entry you wish to edit.

You may change start times forward or backward on any logged events (ON DUTY, DRIVE, REST) for the current shift, with these exceptions:

  • Your shift's very first ON DUTY event: that time may only be changed later than the originally logged time.
  • You may not edit the start time of one event to something earlier than a previous event.
  • Once you've signed off on a work period, only comments may be edited.

Emailing A Current EROAD Day Logbook Work Period

Logbook EnforceCopy02

Usually, an enforcement officer will enter in these details, but EROAD Day Logbook will send logs via any valid service available on your mobile device.

  1. At the bottom of the app, tap Logbook Interface verticalMore.
  2. Tap Enforce Copy.
  3. Enter a name. The receiver may also change the location text, or add a comment.
  4. Tap GENERATE. This creates a PDF snapshot of the logs and displays the delivery screen.
  5. Tap EMAIL LOGBOOK to email the PDF, or OPEN LOGBOOK to use a different service.

Email addresses are not stored or shown on the Snapshot Report.

If the device is connected to the Internet, the file will be sent immediately. If not, the file will be sent as soon as the mobile device re-connects.

Inspect your vehicle

If you have this app, this button opens the application EROAD Inspect. This link is also available from the Logbook Interface verticalMore screen.


Does the logbook work without cell coverage?

Yes, the driver can log events without cell coverage, the events will be uploaded once cell coverage is restored.

Can a logbook run without an EROAD unit?

Yes, EROAD Day Logbook can run without an EROAD unit. The driver can manually enter the vehicle registration and hub odometer value.

Can a logbook be run for a single driver across multiple companies?

No, EROAD Day Logbook can only be used by drivers that work for one company using EROAD.

The EROAD Day Logbook Snapshot

This typical report shows a driver's current, cumulative work period as the driver switches between a rest and non-rest state.

Logbook snapshot new