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Kenworth - Installation Information

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The Kenworth spare circuit wires can be found behind the dash center section in an area ranging from the center to the left dash area.  The constant power wires are generally black with a red tag that reads “PCB-1”, “PCB-2”, “PCB-3” or “PCB-4” and these correlate to the fuse location in the diagram (“Spare 1”, etc.).

Also refer to the attached “Early Kenworth Fuse Locations” diagrams for suggested spare circuit connections to early (pre-2005) Kenworths.

 Kenworth early  



The switched wires are generally “Spare 18”, “Spare 20”, “Spare 21”, “Spare 22”, or “Spare 33”.




Kenworth uses white ground wires.  There is no number and the wires you need are generally labeled “GND”.