About EROAD Driver App


What is in the EROAD Driver App?

The EROAD Driver App includes the EROAD Electronic Logbook and the Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) applications. 


Who will be able to use it?  

Available to drivers of EROAD customers.   


Where can you download it?

The EROAD Driver App can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. 


Which mobile devices will support it?

The EROAD Driver App will be supported on Android devices with cellular connectivity running Android version 4.0.3 or higher.



About EROAD Electronic Logbook App


Do drivers need to keep paper logbooks when using the EROAD Electronic Logbook App?

No.  The EROAD Electronic Logbook App meets the FMCSA guidelines in Part 395 and is a compliant means for drivers to record their change of duty status. 


How much data will the App use?

It is estimated to use approximately 200-500MB per month.  However, as drivers may be allowed to run other applications on the mobile device alongside the EROAD Logbook App, we strongly recommend choose data plans providing at least 2GB of mobile data per month to ensure sufficient connectivity. 


Should I provide one mobile device per driver or per vehicle?

We recommend one mobile device per driver.  The driver must carry their logbook records at all times while on duty and they may be required to capture on-duty time away from a vehicle.  Providing a mobile device per driver also ensures continuity of records between device offline scenarios. 


What HOS rule sets does the App support?

The App currently supports the Interstate Property-Carrying HOS rule set.


Can a driver use the App without an Ehubo in the vehicle?

Yes.  A driver can use the App in a vehicle without the Ehubo.  However, the driver will have to manually input vehicle details and distance reading when changing duty status. 


Is the logbook manual edit feature available?  Who can edit?

Yes.  The carrier has the ability to enable or disable the manual edit feature for each driver.  If enabled, a driver can manually edit any incorrect duty status records before certification.  These edited entries will be marked on the driver’s logbook reports. 
The ability for the carrier to manually edit the driver’s logbook records will be developed in accordance with the requirements outlined in the ELD requirements and will be available in 2016.    


Will there be different language versions? i.e. French, Spanish, etc? 

No.  Federal rule requires drivers to record the logbook information in English at all times. 


What technical support will be available for troubleshooting on the App?

EROAD has a dedicated Customer Support team that will be available to answer questions and troubleshoot via telephone and email.  All reported issues and feedback will be responded to and investigated by EROAD. 



About EROAD Electronic DVIR App:


Can the EROAD Electronic DVIR App replace paper DVIR?

Yes.  It meets the US DVIR checklist requirements including the electronic signature and safety declaration that are captured on the PDF record.  


Is the DVIR connected to the service module?

No.  The DVIR outcomes will need to be manually managed.  EROAD is working on integrating the DVIR outcomes with its Service module – coming soon in 2016.