Role: Dashcam Device Manager and above


Dashcams displays all dashcams in the fleet and includes associated vehicle information, optional capabilities, and a camera snapshot taken at the last ignition off event. 

The Last snapshot allows you to verify that the dashcam is operational and has the appropriate visibility.

Selecting a row takes you to that dashcam's Dashcam Health page.

EROAD allocates Clarity Dashcams to you as permitted by your service plan.

Once installed, Clarity Dashcam assignment is handled by a Fleet Manager.


  1. Search Serial: Shortlist your dashcams by serial numbers (in part or whole). 
  2. All statuses: Shortlist your dashcams by:
  • All: All dashcams registered to the company.
  • Pending Assignment: Dashcams installed in a vehicle, but not assigned a service add-on (Front or Dual).
  • Pending Install: Dashcams assigned to the fleet but awaiting installation.
  • Installed: Dashcams installed and operating normally and recording footage.
  • Enabled: Dashcams with logon device feature available.
  • Not Enabled: Dashcams with logon device feature not enabled. 

The table

  • Last snapshot: Low-resolution snapshots taken at the last ignition off event. 
  • Serial | Model: The dashcam's serial number and the type of device.
  • Status | Date: The dashcam's installation status, and the last amended date. 
  • Vehicle info: The registration plate of the vehicle. This is only visible when a camera has been assigned to a vehicle. 
  • Last online: The date and time of the dashcam’s most recent connection with MyEROAD. 
  • Plan: This will show whether the dashcam is using a Front-only, Dual, and/or Audio option plan.
  • Driver Log On: The log on device capability is either Enabled or Not Enabled.
  • Actions: This allows you to Assign, Re-assign, Uninstall, or Manage plan of dashcams.

Note: Enabling audio for Dashcams is a company-wide level setting. You can enable/disable this feature under Administration > My Organization > Camera Settings.


Set up Harsh Event Email Notifications

 harsh email notifications01

When a vehicle harshly accelerates, brakes, or turns, a video clip of the event is automatically sent to MyEROAD Replay. 

You can receive email notifications for these harsh events by setting up a notification.

To set up harsh event email notifications:

  1. Admin > Dashcams
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click the Harsh events toggle to enable emailed notifications. This will open a selection box to select appropriate notification events. OR...
  4. Click the Harsh events pencil to edit the existing events for email notification
    harsh events02
  5. Select your preferred notification events
  6. Update settings

You will receive an email when any vehicle harshly accelerates, brakes, or turns.