Users wanting to use BookIt must be approved and assigned an appropriate role by an Admin.

Where an organisation has Single Sign On integration, users should self register by simply trying to login, rather than an Fleet Admin adding them in advance. 

Application chain

  • Users within an organisation are given the address to the BookIt system where they're invited to register.
  • They're sent a verification email, they click the embedded email link, and they await being verified by the Admin.
  • Verification could mean the Admin assigns the user roles, states and groups.


These users tried to log into BookIt, were onboarded by the automatic registration process, and have verified their email addresses.

This page also allows Admins to add new users.

To add new Users to your system:

  1. Users > Verified > Add. A panel slides out.

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  2. Fill in the details.
  3. Add.

The user is added to the system, is emailed a verification, and the entry is passed into the Unconfirmed email state.

More (...) tools

  • Quick verify: Forces a verification on behalf of the user (not recommended).
  • Edit: Update a user's details.
  • User login history: A time-based look at a user's interactions with BookIt
  • History - changes by user: A changelog of a user's actions.
  • History changes to user: A changelog of changes made to a user account, either by an Admin or the user.
  • Delete
  • Show email history: Audit log of the email history with the user, usually tracking booking confirmation/alert messages.