API Key Setup

Before your organization or a third party partner can begin integrating EROAD data into another system or bring data from another system into Depot, you must first obtain a secure APIkey from each organization. A person with the Client Administrator role in an organization can generate a key in Depot.

Generating an API Key

1.  In Depot, go to Administration > My Organization, and click Add in the Partner Gateways section.



In the Partner Gateway popup, fill in the fields:


Enter a reference name for the API.


(Maximum of 10 characters) Enter an applicable name for the Partner Gateway and the API.

Link Optional. Enter a URL that is displayed as a hyperlink to the web address specified.

Enable or disable receiving data via the Partner Gateway. Disable (uncheck) deactivates the Partner Gateways but does not delete it. This does not affect data going out of EROAD.



Click Save to complete the setup.

 alertAPI Key Security Tip:     We strongly recommend against pasting the key online, forwarding via email or committing it to a repository. Treat it as you would a secure password.



The tab for your new Gateway is added to the Activity screen in Depot.

Partner Gateway tab


Depot generates a unique API key in the form of an alphanumeric string and saved in Administration / My Organization / Partner Gateway. The ON setting is automatically enabled.