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MyEROAD ETA lets customers:

  • make more accurate delivery times.
  • choose 'close vehicles' based on realistic travel time, rather than superficial distance alone.
  • reduce delays due to congestion, emergencies, uncommon detours and roadworks.


Locations are addressed-based and accurate to within 250m (0.25 miles).

To use ETA:

  1. From the Activity/Map page, select a vehicle (either by clicking on it on the mapstopped2in transit2, or using the vehicle search tools). The vehicle's tab will appear, with the vehicle middle of the map.
  2. Select the ETA tab.
  3. Choose a location.
    1. EITHER: Tap Choose location on map (bottom of the ETA tab). A positioning icon will appear ETA pointer.
    2. Move the map so that the destination pointer appears over your destination.
      1. Tap Select Location (map-bottom).
    3. OREnter a street address in the Enter destination field, top of the ETA tab.
    4. Several things happen:
    • ETA draws a recommended route.
    • The ETA tab shows the estimated drive time, the route distance, and the arrival time.


The arrival time continues to update live, while in the ETA tab.

Drive times are based on the distance, posted speed limits per road, live traffic conditions and vehicle weight type (light/heavy).

The vehicle's actual weight/tare is not taken into account.