9.8, August 2019

Increased privacy and security update for MyEROAD 

A username is (now) forever.

EROAD is increasing the privacy and security for MyEROAD logins. From 11 August, the ability to change usernames or usernames of members within your organisation in MyEROAD has been removed.

This brings MyEROAD into line with EROAD’s other web applications, and increases the level of privacy and security of MyEROAD.

This does not change the ability to specify custom and unique usernames when creating new users.

Exception to the Fuel

Consumption is back - A percentage of it, at least.

 Fuel Exceptions Fixed

During our ongoing code base maintenance schedule, someone 'vaccinated' the Fuel Exception Report - removing Consumption percentage from MyEROAD!

Our apologies! The Fuel Exception report serves as a cornerstone for fleet managers requiring accurate measurements of their chief consumable. We've returned the Consumption percentage back into the Exception Report.

Additionally, we've repaired the 'View Transactions" link in the Fuel Usage report, allowing you to drill into transactions that make up a fuel usage record.


NEW Hours of Service Recap

Gain visibility into driver hours available

 HoS Recap

Drivers know how long they've been driving: their ELD is able to report time left in the day or week, and records can be pulled for longer than that.

Fleet managers can now have easy access to how much time is left in each driver's shift and cycle with an Hours of Service (HOS) Recap. Assessing whether a driver can accept another load or shift is now as simple as checking their HOS Recap.

On the Activity page, from the Driver tab select a Driver. In the lower right corner of the page, the HOS Recap displays the hours used in the current cycle and restarts based on the ruleset under which the driver is operating. It's a quick snapshot fleet managers may use to ensure that drivers are available for dispatch.


Group Filtering in HOS Reports

Now you can cut down the noise in your reports.

Reading Hours of Service violations is certainly not a great use of time.

So we've made the table filterable, letting you refine the list of violations by terminal and/or group.

By selecting a particular group, all of the violations within that group are displayed.


Driver Timezone

Driver timezones are now displayed in MyEROAD

The time zones within which your drivers operate are dependent upon the driver's home terminal. So, even if your drivers traverse multiple time zones they are always operating using the same time zone.

MyEROAD sets the time zone automatically, based on the drivers' assigned locations. This value is now displayed in the MyEROAD on the Activity page. 

To view a Driver's operating time zone, from the Activity page, choose the Driver tab. The Driver Timezone is displayed at the bottom of the page.