9.7, July 2019

Driver Error (specified)

Driver bulk uploading error message has been improved.

Error messages can be cryptic. EROAD is on a crusade to improve our ability to help you with much better, targeted assistance in using your system, particularly when bulk-adding drivers.

If a necessary field is left out, or the entry isn't appropriate for the required field, our on-site messaging will help you by:

  • Displaying a message against each driver and order by line number.
  • Display more meaningful error messages: "The phone number is missing", "The email address format is incorrect", etc.
  • Displays both successful and unsuccessful entries with the need to refresh the browser window - and will display added drivers in the driver list.


Bulk Driver Upload Errors

Speedy Reporting

Fuel reports have been sped up!

The Fuel Usage, Fuel Exception, and Fuel Transaction Management reports have been sped up behind the scenes. In addition, we're presenting reports in pages, listing 20 items per page, further decreasing wait times to see on-screen data. But no matter what page you're viewing, an export will deliver your entire report.


Who Owns Me?

'No owner registered for vehicle' message improved.

If a vehicle is added into MyEROAD, by law, the NZTA needs to know who owns it. That's why MyEROAD checks the NZTA database before a vehicle can be added.

If no owner is detected, we've made your next step easy with this message:

"There is currently no owner registered to this vehicle in the NZTA database. Contact NZTA directly at https://www.nzta.govt.nz/contact-us to register a new owner."


Targeted Messages

Broadcasted messages are now targeted to your access level.

  • If you send a Broadcast message from MyEROAD to 'All Fleets' it will now only go to Fleets to which you have access.
  • When a Driver responds to 'All', the notification will now go to Unit Managers in the Fleet, to which the Driver has access.