9.11 November 2019

Linking Drivers to 3rd Party Systems

Payroll, insurance software, contract tracking: linking these external systems to specific drivers can be a process that's manual, time-consuming and error-prone.

EROAD has just added an External ID field to the Driver Profile in MyEROAD. For instance, a fleet manager can enter a driver's payroll number in this field, to reliably associate that driver with a payroll system's identification reference.

This External ID field is also available through EROAD's Driver API, so data can be shared with external systems.

For more information on the Driver API, go here.

For general EROAD API documentation, go here.

Bill of Lading Documents can 'Hang Around'

'One shipment, one shipping document' might be fine for carriers handling a variety of cargo and clients. But if you're carrying regular deliveries, every new shipping document invites compliance mistakes by drivers.

EROAD has just introduced Persistent Bill of Lading: enter a shipping doc, then have it carry over for the next job.

The ELD's Shipping Doc 'Edit' button will change to 'Drop'. The default behavior for Shipping Docs remains the same - Drop at the end of the day. When client admins switch the feature on in My Organizations > Shipping Documents, the drivers will see the new behavior on their ELD.


Ongoing Improvements

  • Now that MyEROAD Dashboard has settled in as a first stop for many customers, we've made one or two superficial changes to give Dashboard that MyEROAD look.
  • As part of our scalability strategy, we're adjusting some internal processes that may see some tax data going out-of-sync. This will auto-correct in a week or so, before any major compliance reporting will be required.