Configuring an EROAD Dashcam

Before a dashcam gets installed, it's best to activate Dashcam Alerts, under Notifications. This function emails you when the install has been completed, and gives you the serial number needed to bind the dashcam with its vehicle.

Only users with a Client Administrator role or higher may add or configure an EROAD Dashcam within Depot.

Step One: ui cog > Administration > Notifications

  1. Check Dashcam Alerts.
  2. Click Save.

dashcam checkDashcamAlerts

Step Two: Administration > Vehicles / Assets

If your installer has entered your email address in the Install Wizard at the time of installation, you should have an email with the details of the vehicle in which the dashcam was installed. Alternatively, you should have received a paper copy of the installation form from your installer.

  1. Select this vehicle from the list. The Manage Vehicle screen will appear.
  2. Under Cameras, click Add Camera. The Add Camera window will pop up.
  3. Select the dashcam installed for this vehicle. Click Save.

 dashcam selectDashcam

Step Three: [Selected Vehicle] > Service Plan Add-ons

  1. Click Manage Add-ons.
  2. Enable either Dashcam Dual or Dashcam Front, depending on your organization's policy/plan.
  3. Click Update Machine Service Add-Ons.

dashcam servicePlanAddons01

Audio Recording

The ability to record audio is currently set at the organization level rather than at an individual dashcam level, and requires Admin level permissions.

To enable audio recording:

  1. ui cog > Administration > My Organization

  2. Under Camera Settings, click Edit.
  3. Check Enable audio recording.

Please note that this will enable audio recording for all dashcams within your organization. Please ensure drivers are notified in accord with applicable privacy laws.

dashcam audioDisabled