U Book-It Vehicles

** Available to bookers with Admin user roles **


Entering and managing settings for your fleet

In Admin / Settings you can manage your vehicles'

  • Home Bases
  • Accessories
  • Maximum booking time
  • Cost Centre settings
  • Auto-cancellation settings


The following settings are available in Admin / Settings:

 Settings   Details 
 Home bases   Home bases are the locations where the vehicles of your fleets or sub-fleets are based. Each home base matches a Geofence area in Depot.

 Accessories can be assigned to pool vehicles allowing you to book a vehicle equipped with suitable accessories. 

 Accessories can be mobile chargers, booster seats, towbars etc. 
 Max. booking time 

 The maximum allowed time period in hours for each booking.

 Enter 0 to not limit booking times.

 An Admin user can make a booking that overrides this time limit.
 No-show timeout 

 Time in minutes after which a booking will be automatically cancelled in case of a ‘no-show’.

 Enter 0 to deactivate auto-cancellations.
 Base return timeout 

 Applies to vehicles that return to Home Base before the end of a booking. Once the set time has passed, a vehicle will be released back into the pool available for bookings.

 Enter 0 to deactivate Base return timeout.

 Target utilisation 

 The target number of hours that you expect the vehicles in your fleet to be used each week.

 This will be used as a benchmark for all your vehicles in the Quickview Utilisation Report.
 Cost Centre Mandatory 

 Tick to make entering a Cost Centre mandatory when booking a vehicle.

 In Admin / Bookers you can enter a default Cost Centre for each booker, find details here


Add a list of Destinations if you want bookers only to book a destination in a custom set list. This may assist with standard reporting in the Booking Report.

If you leave this blank, bookers can enter a free text destination.

Hide Location

Check this box if you want to hide the current location of the vehicle in the Booking Calendar.


To manage settings for your pool vehicles:

  1. In U Book-It, go to Admin / Settings.
  2. Enter Home bases, one Home base per line.
    Quick Tip: Make sure that each Home base name exactly matches the name of the corresponding Geofence area in Depot. Log into Depot and check your Geofences in Activity / Geofences.
  3. Enter Accessories by entering an accessory Name and clicking Add. Add one accessory at a time.
  4. Enter Max. Booking time.
  5. Enter No-show timeout.
    Remember: This value determines your auto-cancellation set up!
  6. Enter Base return timeout.
  7. Enter Target utilisation.
  8. Tick or untick Cost Centre Mandatory.
  9. Add a list of Destinations if a standardised list is required.
  10. Check Hide Location if you want to hide the current location of the vehicle on the Booking Calendar.
  11. Confirm by clicking Update.