Driver Vehicle Inspection (DVIR)

Driver Vehicle Inspection (DVIR) checklists can be accessed from the main menu on the EROAD Driver app.

A Driver Vehicle Inspection checklist enables drivers to complete and submit a pre-trip vehicle inspection checklist for any vehicle from their mobile device.

Drivers can choose from these checklists:

  • Truck
  • Truck and Trailer
  • Trailer

When a driver submits a DVI on a mobile device, it is stored locally on the device and is synced in near real-time to Depot. Depot users with appropriate fleet access can view DVI reports. A copy of the lastest DVI can be viewed on the mobile device.


Create a DVI on the EROAD Driver App

To complete and submit a DVI:

  1. Select Driver Vehicle Inspection from the left-hand menu.

    DVI Main Menu2

  2. Enter your vehicle's registration details.  All vehicles stored in Depot will be synced down to your device for selection, otherwise you can enter any vehicle registation number to continue.

    dvir checklists edit1

  3. Select a Truck, Truck and Trailer or Trailer checklist from the drop down menu.
  4. As you inspect your vehicle, simply choose to Pass or Fail each line item by selecting the relevant button.  You can also set line items to NA (not applicable), and add any notes.  The Other option enables you to include any additonal checks you would like to include.


  5. Select Submit to complete your vehicle inspection.
    Your completed checklist will be saved locally and synced in real-time to Depot.


View a completed DVI on your mobile device

To view a copy of the lastest DVI completed on the mobile device:

  1. Select View Details.

 Last Inspection


View a completed DVI in Depot

  1. In Depot, go to Reports and click Driver Vehicle Inspection (DVIR).
    Submitted reports are listed.
  2. Enter a Driver License Number or Vehicle Rego to filter on the report screen.

     DVI in Depot

  3. Click a report.
    The report will be downloaded in PDF format.