Set up mobile devices

In Depot, set up all mobile devices that your drivers will use to run the EROAD Driver app and access the Electronic Logbook, Messaging and DVIR features. This is required to enable secure transfer of EROAD Driver app data from the mobile device to Depot.

NOTE: Depot users with Client Administrator roles can complete the setup process. You can check your user role in new cogwheel12 / Administration / My Profile. If you do not have a Depot login yet, please ask an existing Depot user with a Client Administrator role to set you up as a Depot user in new cogwheel12 / Administration / Users. Find detailed info here


For each mobile device:

  1. In Depot, go to new cogwheel12 / Administration / Mobile Devices.

  2. On the Manage Mobile Devices page, click Add New Mobile Device.

  3. Enter a name for the mobile device, then click Create.

You will see the name of the mobile device appear in the Manage Mobile Devices page. The status will be Pending and a unique authorisation code and code expiry date will show.

The status will remain Pending until the unique authorisation code is entered into the EROAD Driver app to activate the application on the device. The unique authorisation code is valid for 7 days from the date it was generated, and will expire if unused. Repeat the steps above if the code has expired.  

Find detailed info on how to enter the authorisation code on the mobile device here.