Authenticate a mobile device

When opening the EROAD Driver app on a mobile device for the first time, you are required to enter the mobile device's unique authorisation code generated in Depot. This enables the EROAD Driver app to connect and transfer data securely to, and from, the Depot. 


To complete authentication and enter the authorisation code:

  1. On the mobile device, tap the EROAD Driver app.

  2. Select your location and then the Authenticate option.

  3. Enter the authorisation code that was generated when setting up the mobile device in Depot. Find detailed info here.

  4. Tap Submit.

    The device is now authorised for the EROAD Driver app, drivers set up as EROAD Driver app users in the Depot will be able to login in to the app on this mobile device. Find detailed info on how to set up drivers in Depot here.