Quick Start Guide - Go mobile

The sun sets on Driver App

EROAD's first foray into fatigue management is being phased out of service. This app is no longer available to use, and support for this service will be removed in June 2021.

Replacing it is EROAD Day Logbook, a new app made with the driver in mind. it takes advantage of better technologies and is built with ease-of-use in mind.

This Driver App information will stay for a year until Driver App is fully decommissioned.

To find out more about EROAD Day Logbook, go here.




The powerful EROAD Driver app gives you access to the EROAD Electronic Logbook, Messaging and DVIR features on Android moible devices and will help you modernise your business. 


You can set up your organisation in Depot and provide your drivers with mobile devices running the EROAD Driver app with a few simple steps:


1. Setup in Depot

2. Setup mobile devices 

Once set up, your drivers are required to log in to the app to use the Electronic Logbook, Messaging and DVIR features and ensure secure transmitting of EROAD Driver app data to Depot. In Depot, you can access your drivers' logbook and DVIR records, and exchange messages with your drivers.

Here on the help site you can find detailed instructions for drivers and Depot administrators to help you take full advantage of EROAD's mobile features.