Logbook violations are automatically generated based on the logbook rules and your work and rest time data.

You will see violations appear on:

  • Pegs on your daily activity status bar - By clicking on the peg, you will be able to see the type of violation and will be able to Add Notes related to the violation.

     Peg on bar
  • Red dial - By clicking on the dial, you will hear an audible prompt such as take an appropriate type of break.

    Violation badge
  • Work period summary - The total number of violations for the current cumulative work period will be shown at the bottom of the page.  When you swipe up the tab, you will see the status bar for all the work days in the period and pegs to indicate violations.  

    Work Period Summary
  • Enforce Copy - The grid chart will show red dash line to indicate a violation.  The details of the violation will be shown for the corresponding time.  

    Enforce copy violations

You always have the opportunity to provide additional notes and explanations related to the violation.  When added, such notes and explanations will become part of your logbook records.  See Adding Notes for more information. 


The types of violations that can occur are:

  • Overwork Violation - There are three possible scenarios:
    • If you have not taken a rest of 30 minutes or more after working or driving for longer than 5 ½ hours
    • If you have worked a total of more than 13 hours in a cumulative work day
    • If you have worked a total of more than 70 hours in a cumulative work period. 
  • Insufficient Continuous Rest Violation - You must take a 10 hour continuous rest within a cumulative work day of 24 hours.  You will violate this rule if you do not take your 10 hour continuous rest 14 hours from the time you start work.  
  • Insufficient Rest Violation - Typically occurs when you do not take the full length of the rest required.