View Active Work Day / Period Information

You are able to view your work and rest time information for each work day in the current cumulative work period.  A cumulative work period is from the start of work after 24+ hours of rest until the start of your next 24+ hours of rest.  At the end of the cumulative work period, the logbook records will be stored in the EROAD server. 


To view your active work period, swipe up the Work Period Summary tab.  This will show the detailed status bar for each of your work days that are part of the current work period.  

Work Period Summary2

To see a more detailed view of a particular work day, click on the Date button.  This will show:

  • specific time, duration and location for work, driving and rest statuses

  • for driving status, vehicle registration and distance recording

  • change of vehicles

  • violations

  • additional notes.


You will not be able to change any information that has been recorded.  However, you will be able to comment and make additional notes and explanations, which will become part of the logbook records. See Adding Notes for more information.