Start Work

Once you successfully login you’re ready to begin using the EROAD Electronic Logbook to capture your work and rest times. 

To start work for the day, click Start Work button Start Work button


This will bring up a Confirm Start Work window for you to confirm your start date and time along with your location: 

  • Start Date and Time - You can choose a past time if you had forgotten to Start Work in real time. 
  • Location - You can choose to accept the automatically retrieved location or manually enter your location.  

    Confirm Start Work

The Confirm Start window also provides you with other useful information such as:

  • Remaining Hours for Work Period - This is the number of hours that you have left before you must take at least a 24 hour break and start a new cumulative work period.  
  • Suggested End of Work Day - You are required to take a continuous rest of 10 hours or more in a cumulative work.
  • How long you have rested for - This is calculated from the last recorded Finish Work til your new Start Work. The duration of rest determines whether you start a new cumulative work day or period.  For example: 
    • Rest less than 10 hours would mean work would be treated as part of the same cumulative work day or result in a violation for insufficient rest for start of new cumulative work day. 
    • Rest between 10 and 24 hours would start a new cumulative work day.
    • Rest more than 24 hours starts a new cumulative work period.