Manual Entry of Past Non-Driving Work Time at Start Work

In certain instances, you may start a week expecting to only carry out non-driving work so you don’t fill out your work and rest times.  But you may have to start driving throughout the week, in which case, you may be obligated to provide your work and rest times for those past days. 


EROAD’s Electronic Logbook enables you to fill in those past non-driving work hours and stay compliant and up-to-date before you start driving. 


To manually enter past non-driving work information:

  1. Click on Start Work button 
    Start Work button2
  2. Click Yes when asked whether you would like to enter past work information 

    Manual Entry popup
  3. Select the Date of First Entry.  This date refers to the first day that you have completed non-driving work after your last 24+ hours of rest. Note that the application will automatically provide a list of past days that you can select from
  4. To begin entering work information for those days, touch the Swipe Up tab the bottom of the screen
  5. For each Start Date:
    a) Enter Work Details – e.g. Office work, Training, Meetings
    b) Choose a Start Time
    c) Move the dial to set the Duration
    d) Click Add Work Entry 

    Office work
  6. Check your non-driving work detail entries for the list of past dates and press Continue.  The past work details will form part of your current cumulative work period.  

    Manual Entry of Past Work